Top 10 Best U.S. Military Bases in the World

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Top 10 Best U.S. Military Bases in the World

The U.S. maintains approximately 1,000 installations around the world.  That gives us approximately 1,000 choices in creating this list.  That is a lot of choice, and as such, this list is pretty extensive and great.  While many men and women that chose to wear Backwoods Barnaby tactical patches are not in the military, a large portion are, which is why we felt it necessary to create this list.  So without further delay, here are the 10 Best U.S. Military Bases in the World, as voted by Backwoods Barnaby.


10.  Joint Base Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina)

Joint Base Charleston is Backwoods Barnaby's choice for the 10th Best U.S. Military Base in the World, mainly because Charleston is a rather awesome city to live in. Located party in the City of North Charleston, South Carolina and partly in the City of Goose Creek, South Carolina, Joint Base Charleston shares runways with Charleston International Airport for commercial airlines operations on the south side of the airfield and general aviation aircraft operations on the east side.

Charleston is a major tourist destination, with a considerable number of luxury hotels, hotel chains, inns, and bed and breakfasts, and a large number of restaurants serving Lowcountry cuisine and quality shopping.  Charleston is also an important art destination according to many, being named a top-25 arts destination by AmericanStyle magazine.


9.  Naval Base Guam/Anderson Air Force Base (Apra Harbor, Guam)

 Apra Harbor is a deep-water port on the western side of Guam.  The harbor is formed by Orote Peninsula in the south and Cabras Island in the north.  Needless to say, it boasts some of the best views anywhere in the world.  Many may or may not know, but in 2006, the U.S. Japan "Roadmap for Realignment Implementation Agreement" agreed that over 8,600 U.S. Marines currently based in Okinawa, Japan would relocate to Guam and the Marianas Islands.  This reorientation is one of the largest peacetime military relocations in U.S. history.


8.  Army Garrison Yongsan (Seoul, South Korea)

Coming in as the 8th Best U.S. Military Base in the World is Army Garrison Yongsan, located in Seoul, South Korea.  Seoul is the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea.  As the 4th most economically powerful city in the world, measured by GDP, Seoul is one of Asia's major centers of culture, entertainment, and research, with additional strengths in the arts, commerce, education, finance, media, services, and tourism.


7.  Hunter Army Airfield (Savannah, Georgia)

Although we probably could have slapped this list with 10 foreign destinations, we felt it necessary to give a shout-out to Georgia at the Seventh spot on Backwoods Barnaby's Top 10 Best U.S. Military Bases in the World.  Hunter Army Airfield is a military airfield and subordinate installation to Fort Stewart, which is located in Hinesville, Georgia.  Currently, Hunter Army Airfield has approximately 5,000 soldiers, airmen and coast guardsmen on station.  

In addition to having a pretty darn good view of the ocean, Savannah, Georgia boasts a plethora of other things to do including strolling through the famous Bonaventure Cemetery under a Spanish-moss canopied sky, going to the City Market, and wondering about in beautiful Forsyth Park.


6.  Fort Buckner/Naval Forces Japan (Okinawa, Japan)

 Although change is imminent, currently, approximately 26,000 U.S. troops are based in Okinawa, which encompasses almost 75% of all U.S. troops in Japan.  In addition, Okinawa is chalked full of things to do.  If you are interested in nature, you can check out the meeting of two oceans at Cape Hedo or trek to Tadake Falls.  If you enjoy more cosmopolitan things, you can check out the astounding Churaumi Aquarium or have a sashmi binge at Makishi Public Market.


5.  Naval Air Station Sigonella (Sicily, Italy)

The 5th spot on Backwoods Barnaby's Top 10 Best U.S. Military Bases in the World is Naval Air Station Sigonella; a U.S. Navy installation at NATO Base Sigonella and an Italian Air Force base in Sicily, Italy.

As for things to do in Sicily, checking out Mount Etna is usually on everyones to do list.  If big rocks aren't your thing, drab a drink or twelve at Daiquiri Lounge or BamBam Taormina.


4.  Souda Bay Naval Base (Crete, Greece)

Also known as Crete Naval Base, Souda Bay Naval Base is the fourth best U.S. military base in the world according to us.  Serving as the largest and most prominent naval base for the United States and NATO in the eastern Mediterranean, the island Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece.

Crete is mountainous, and its character is defined by a high mountain range crossing from west to east, formed by three different groups of mountains.


3.  Naval Station Rota (Rota, Spain)

 Naval Station Rota is a Spanish naval base commanded by a Spanish Rear Admiral and fully funded by the United States of America.  Located in Rota in the beautiful Province of Cadiz, NAVSTA Rota is the largest American military community in Spain, housing both US Navy and US Marine Corps personnel, with small US Army and US Air Force contingents on the base.


2.  Marine Corps Base Hawaii (Oahu, Hawaii)

The Second Best U.S. Military Base in the World in Marine Corps Base Hawaii.  Oahu is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is home to about two-thirds of the population of the U.S. state of Hawaii.  Oahu houses the famous USS Arizona Memorial and also is a great place for hiking and volcano mountaineering.  Backwoods Barnaby recommends checking out the Ala Moana Center for shopping, should you ever find yourself lucky enough to be stationed in Oahu.


1.  Aviano Air Base (Aviano, Italy)

Coming in as Backwoods Barnaby's Best U.S. Military Base in the World is actually not even technically a U.S. base.  Aviano Air Base is a NATO base in northeastern Italy, in the gorgeous Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.  It is located in the Aviano municipality, at the foot of the Southern Carnic Alps.  The Italian Air Force has ownership and administrative control of the base, but hosts the U.S. Air Force's 31st Fighter Wing, which is the only U.S. fighter wing south of the Alps.

Aviano itself is a small Italian village of 9,270 inhabitants, but the mountainous ranges and Mediterranean climate make this air base the best U.S. Military Base in the World.

Overall, we know there are other bases that probably could be on this list.  It was a tough task in and of itself, but feel free to comment below.

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